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Our Refuse Bag Collections Service

Our Refuse Bag Collection Service is designed for businesses who lack space for bins but still require professional waste management. With our pre-paid bag collections you can ensure that you’ll get your collections as and when you need them. We find this service is popular among smaller sites as it gives them more flexibility with their collections and isn’t reliant on your business having lots of space for bins.

Our Bags

We offer two types of bags; standard bags, which is suitable for light waste and is comparable to domestic black bin bags or premium bags, which are thicker and capable of holding greater weight. The type of bag you choose will be dependent on the type of business you are. If you need help deciding you can speak to one our friendly team who will be delighted to help with your enquiry.

Below you can find a few more details about our bags.

What makes Simply Waste Solutions different?

We strive to offer an invisible service. You should spend time running your business not chasing waste collections or bag deliveries. As such we deliver all of our bags by courier so have full transparency on your orders and we have streamlined our business to ensure we can collect your waste at the times that suit you. We have serviced commercial sites in London for several years which can be the most challenging working environment in the country for waste businesses. This type of work has moulded us into a business that puts their customers first, enabled us to provide responsible and economical waste collections.

Refuse Bag Collection Types

refuse bag collections - light

Standard Bag

  • Suitable for Light Mixed Waste.
  • 70Litre Bag
  • Standard domestic bin bag thickness

refuse bag collections - heavy

Premium Bag

  • Suitable for Heavier Mixed Waste.
  • 70Litre Bag
  • Thicker than standard bags

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