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What are Mixed Load Collections?

We can pick up large quantities of baled or palletised waste. This is offered as either a wait and load collection service (utilising our truck mounted forklift if required) or stand trailers can be provided for full loads, maximising value. The service operates on a radial distance banding system with our depot near Heathrow Airport (TW19 6AF) being the centre point for all journeys.


  • Versatile and flexible mixed loads including WEEE, plastics, metals and fibre products (cardboard, paper, cups etc.)
  • Quick, reliable and efficient (same service from Simply you have come to know and love)
  • Set transport rates and rebates linked to www.letsrecycle.com so excellent value
  • Self-loading if required (Moffett or “Truck Mounted Forklift”)
  • Wide coverage area – contact us for more information on coverage
  • Prompt payment (of rebates)
  • High flexibility – The use of our stand trailer system will allow you or your customers to maximise productivity by having the decision on whether to load now, later or at night. This will help you use loading staff at full capacity, and avoid costly delays and additional labour costs.
  • Increased loading capacities – Combined transport allows a higher loading weight of up to 25 tonnes.
  • Greener supply chain – The use of bulk haulage considerably reduces pollutant emissions, especially the greenhouse gas CO², in relation to road transport. The environment, society, and last but not least, your customers will thank you for it. Knowing that a customer’s supply decisions are having a positive impact on their carbon footprint and the environment, and sharing that with clients is a value-added benefit!

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