Waitrose have a network of over 280 shops throughout England, Scotland and Wales that are known for the freshness, quality and provenance of their food. Waitrose aims to combine the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop.


Waitrose were looking to partner one company, in line with their single supplier agenda, that could work with them to deliver high levels of service, full environmental compliance and an a ‘Road Map’ to improved levels of recycling, landfill avoidance and cost savings. There was limited proactive management from their incumbent supplier, who they had worked with for four years, to drive improvements, increase recycling and save money. Diversion and service delivery was a major driver for change as 100% of Waitrose general waste was disposed of at Landfill.


Simply Waste Solutions (SWS) has worked with Waitrose since late 2007 delivering a ‘zero to landfill’ solution to stores in the London area. After a successful trial Waitrose were so impressed by SWS’s service provision they were commissioned to deliver a nationwide waste management service, utilising its own infrastructure as well as its national recycling led partners. By the end of 2009 SWS completed the transition, managing all of the Waitrose stores – nationwide. A key factor to the success of the account is the high levels of customer service, the ability to offer a flexible service at each site, management information and a recycling led solution.


25% net cost savings and recycling and recovery levels raised from 0% in the general waste stream to 80%+ across the country. Zero waste to landfill for all London stores with 30% savings achieved. Service success across the Waitrose estate was raised to 99%. Services were rationalised to reduce the number of collections; improving carbon footprint. The solution that was put in place met Waitrose goals of financial savings and improved environmental credentials and continues to hold true to these values.