Snow Disruption Notice (01/03/2018 – 02/03/2018)

We are working hard to mitigate the effect the weather may have on our services but wanted to issue a pre-emptive warning to all of our customers regarding our waste collection services. Our fleet and waste operatives are out and working hard to try and cover our collections but the adverse effect the weather has on traffic and general travel conditions greatly impairs our ability to ensure all collections will be completed.

Bad weather has far reaching effects beyond what you may see out of your window. Many of you will have employees that struggle to get to work from outlying areas and we are no different. We have a duty of care toward our employees to ensure their safety and even if the area you are in is unaffected by the snow, routes to you may well be.

If your bins are in hard to reach areas or down alleyways please ensure paths are adequately gritted, well lit and free from obstructions to keep any disruption to a minimum.

We appreciate your patience and again we would like to ensure you that we our working hard to keep any disruptions to minimum.