Anglian began selling windows in 1966 and over the years have expanded their product range and operation across the UK. They pride themselves on being at the forefront of their industry and have built an enviable reputation for quality and dependability
amongst their customers.


Anglian Home Improvements wanted a sweeping change made to their waste management. They had a single supplier solution in place nationally which lacked flexibility and open lines of communication. There was no conscious effort being made by the waste contractor to help Anglian achieve their corporate or environmental targets. The management Information Anglian received was limited and without this valuable tool at their disposal they were always going to be hard pressed to bring about the changes needed. These things coupled with systematic failings with invoicing and account reconciliation and the promise of a 20% price increase led for Anglians search for a new contractor and a greener choice for their waste.



Simply Waste Solutions (SWS) planned and executed an overhaul of Anglian Home Improvements waste management ssing a hybrid solution that utilised SWS’s own fleet and a network of national supply partners. The plan involved increased communication through monthly reviews and clear standardised reporting to ensure transparency across Anglians array of sites. Investment was made in local recycling infrastructure to increase landfill diversion and recycling rates. SWS also built a price cap into the contract to insulate Anglian from any further price increases with a promise to bring prices down and keep them down through better segregation of recyclable material


The change was instantaneous; diversion from landfill went from just over 40% to a massive 78%. Initial savings in excess of £63000 were made with forecasted savings of £95000 on an annual basis. The provision of clear, tangible Management Information allowed Anglians senior team to make informed decisions about their waste. The invoicing process was streamlined and full depot analysis was carried out across the UK. A sustainable solution has been cemented in place that will see Anglians waste resource managed professionally and conscientiously far into the future.