Residual Waste Collections

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Residual Waste Collections (General Waste)

We work hard to provide a ‘zero waste to landfill’ solution for our customers and make sure that all our residual waste is treated in the cleanest and greenest means available. The Residual waste is processed at a Waste to Energy plant in order to divert 100% away from landfill. With the newest fleet of trucks on the market, they all feature highly advanced weighing systems so that we can record the exact weights of each lift. All our vehicles feature 360° cameras and side scanners to ensure that cyclists, pedestrians and our staff are always safe. We have a large variety of container sizes for this service to suit customer’s needs.

What happens after your Residual Waste Collection?

Your Residual Waste is collected and taken to a Riverside Recovery Facility. Waste collected in London is transported there using a green highway – the River Thames on barges, this removes around 100,000 truck movements a year off our capital’s roads. The waste is gathered in the tipping bay and then incinerated. The ash is collected and used as a material for road construction. The heat created from burning the waste boils water and produces steam, this steam drives the generator and produces electricity. The electricity that’s produced is used to power the facility and is fed into the National Grid. Enough power is generated to power a whole London Borough!

Residual Waste Collection Containers


Here are the containers we can offer for your Residual Waste Collections, Please click on the container to find out more information. 

Residual Waste Collection - Bags

Bag Collections

Residual Waste Collection - Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bins
(240L, 360L, 660L, 1100L) Collections

Residual Waste Collection - Rear End Loader (REL)

Rear End Loader (REL)

Residual Waste Collection - Skip Packer (Portable Compactor)

Skip Packer (Portable Compactor)

Residual Waste Collection - RORO (Roll On Roll Off)

RORO (Roll On Roll Off)

Residual Waste Collection - Static Compactor

Static Compactor


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