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Our Glass Waste Recycling Service

Our Glass Waste Recycling service lets you recycle mixed glass bottles and jars, reducing the strain on your residual waste stream. Glass Waste Recycling is usually used in conjunction with our Residual or Dry Mixed Recycling services and compliments the waste management system of any business that produces glass waste. As the waste industry moves toward a greater focus on container weights this service is a real benefit to businesses that produce lots of glass.

What happens to your Glass Waste Recycling?

The glass Waste is collected by Simply and taken to a processing facility. After it is washed, and sorted into colours it is melted and moulded in to new products. The glass is then repurposed as new packaging and sent out to retailers so that it can be used again. Glass does not degrade through the recycling process, so it can be recycled again and again with no loss of purity.

Glass Waste Recycling Collection Containers

Here are the containers we can offer for your glass waste recycling collections, please click on the container to find out more information.

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