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Our Dry Mixed Recycling Service

Dry Mixed Recycling is made up of four base materials; cardboard, paper, plastic and metal (aluminium or tin). These various materials in their many forms can be mixed together in one container that will be sorted at a Materials Recycling Facility.

There are restrictions on some items such as hard plastics and material that has come into contact with food, chemicals or oils. We can provide a comprehensive guide to what can and can’t go into your bin. Recycling offers benefits to your business in terms of financial savings and the more obvious rewards it affords our environment.

What happens to your Dry Mixed Recycling?

The mixed recycling that Simply collects is taken to various Materials Recovery Facilities(MRF) and is always processed here in the UK.

Dry Mixed Recycling Collection Containers

Here are the containers we can offer for your Dry Mixed Recycling Collections, Please click on the container to find out more information.

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